DXN is an International Business Group, having multiple lines of business for more than17 years. The Flag Ship of the Company is the business in the Health Products line, which also happens to be the first business venture of the Group.

DXN was started in 1993 by Dr. Lim Siow Jin, in the State of Kedar, in Malaysia. The primary focus was to give natural products of Healing to the Needy, at affordable cost. Today, DXN has reached more than 4 million consumers in 150 countries across the globe, with its unique products and dedicated ‘Service Network’. Over a period, DXN has established manufacturing operations in many countries other than Malaysia, in order to meet the ever-growing consumer demand with its high quality products and services. Thus DXN has emerged, within a short span of time, as one of the fastest growing Multi National Companies, in Malaysia.

The business was started with the miracle mushroom, GANODERMA LUCIDUM, which is known to the Asians, for ages, as a Universal Healer of all health related problems. DXN has mastered the business by special techniques in all operations of the business, from ‘End to End’.

DXN has distinguished itself by operating as a ‘One Dragon Company’, involved in all the three major functions, namely ‘Cultivation of the Herbs, Processing / Production of the end products and Distribution of the products to end Users directly’.

On learning more about the specific needs of the Consumers, DXN has introduced a wide range of ‘Herbal products for Health’ and ‘Organic products of Daily consumption’ with the view to get closer to the consumer needs.

The Salient points on the Company and the CEO are

Dr. Lim Siow Jin

  • Founder & CEO of DXN ( Since 1993)
  • Ph.D in Holistic Medicine
  • Researcher on Herbs and Health Solutions
  • Winner of many International Awards & Recognition

The Company

  • ‘All under One-Roof’ : Cultivation-Production-Distribution : Ensures Hi-Q at reasonable cost, Effective Consumer Care & Support and Hi-Consumer Satisfaction.
  • GMP Recognition by the Malaysian Government
  • TGA approval by the Australian Health Authorities
  • FDA Cleared for the distribution and consumption in the USA
  • One of the fastest growing Health Products companies in the world

The Technology & Products

  • Special Tissue Culture method is followed: Ensures ‘Hi Therapeutic Value’
  • Organic Cultivation ( ISO: 14001 certified): Preserves Natures Healing Potential
  • No Pesticides ; No Chemical Fertilizers : Ensures ‘Contamination-free’ products
  • Stringent Q Standards (ISO: 9002) : Ensures Hi Consumer satisfaction
  • Halal certification : In accordance with the Religious sentiments of the Consumers
  • Unique Products Range : There is always a suitable product for anybody and everybody.