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Order Reference No: FA66 Date : 26/03/2019
Ayurvedic Medicaments/Supplement
1 HF001E RG - 90 1185
2 HF003E GL - 90 890
3 HF034E RG - 360 4465
4 HF035E GL - 360 3380
5 FB112E DXN Reishi Gano Tea (250 gm) 310
6 FB157Da Gano Coffee 3 in 1 ( new pack) 645
Natural Health Food Supplement
7 HF072E DXN Spirulina (120 caps) 395
8 HF073E DXN Spirulina (360 caps) 1140
Cosmetics & Toileteries
9 PC047 Ganozhi toothpaste 255
10 PC046 DXN Ganozhi soap 100
Add:Packing& Forwarding Costs 250
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