What is Health

No Disease may not mean Good Health; But Good Health certainly means No Disease

Health of the body refers to the condition of being not affected by any disease or degeneration, at present, and at the same time protected from all such illness in the future. If the body is healthy, it is able to ward off infections (& diseases) and also to resist the ageing process. This is the concept of Total & Permanent Health.

By nature, human body has been designed to be healthy. Body is expected to protect itself from all kinds of ailments, whether due to infections or otherwise. Unless the body is made healthy, any amount of medications ( drugs specific to diseases & symptoms ) may not give a permanent recovery. In order to achieve permanent Health, the body should be constantly Detoxified ( removal of unwanted / harmful materials from the body ) and all the body functions be Balanced.

How Health Suffers ?

Man, today, is living in the modern world with high degree of automation and artificial comforts. Man is constantly drifting away from Nature and therefore the harmony with nature is disturbed. He leads a stressful life. He suffers from pollutions of all sorts air, water, food and noise. Due to these problems, the NATURAL IMMUNE SYSTEM of the body is weakened, leading to various infections attacking the body repeatedly. Again stress and pollution affect the body cells and their functions, leading to quicker DEGENERATION of the body organs. Thus the body suffers perennially from diseases and disorders, without a definite solution. The only way to overcome this handicap is to strengthen the body, the Natural Way. The bodys natural Immune System should be active and effective, all through the life.

CELLS are the building blocks of the Body. There are trillions of cells, which make the body. If the cells are healthy, the body is healthy. If they are unhealthy, the body becomes sick. If the cells are active, the body is active; if the cells are inactive (or damaged) the body suffers degeneration. Therefore, it is essential to make the cells healthy and active. In order to achieve this, the cells should be continuously DETOXIFIED and the functions of the cells be NORMALIZED.

This has forced the modern man to have a re-look into the ALTERNATIVE SYSTEMS of HEALTH CARE, preferably closest to Nature. That appears to be the reliable direction and permanent solution to all perils of health.