Is Ganoderma a Medicine?
No, it is not a Medicine or Drug. It is a Food Supplement with Therapeutic values.
Can Ganoderma cure all diseases?
Ganoderma does NOT CURE any disease directly. It improves the health of the body. Gano improves the Natural Immune System of the body and Balances all the functions of the body organs. On such improvements, it is the body which cures all the ailments. Effective immune system removes all kinds of Toxins from the body and protects the body permanently from infections. Therefore, Ganoderma is HEALTH specific; and not to be confused with Medicines, which are specific to Diseases or Symptoms
Can Ganoderma postpone or replace Surgery?
No. An acute condition should be promptly treated as per the Physician's ( or Surgeon's) advice, particularly if it is a Surgical case. Ganoderma may be advised as a supportive therapy only.
How long one should consume Ganoderma?
Life-long. Gano maintains good health all through the life. It protects not only from infectious diseases but also from degenerative disorders in the long run. One can achieve Total and Permanent freedom from health-problems by consuming Gano regularly throughout life.
Can this Ganoderma be consumed along with other Medications?
Yes. Ganoderma does not interfere with any other medications. In fact, Ganoderma helps improving the efficacy of those medications. It also helps preventing the bad side-effects due to the use of some of the drugs. Ganoderma also does not demand diet restrictions.
Will there be any Side-Effect?
Ganoderma does not lead to any side-effect, whatsoever. There will be a phase of detoxification in the body, for a few days, within the first 30 weeks. During this time, the body discharges all the toxins and the body is thus cleansed. It is a Healthy Cleansing Phase. This is not to be mistaken for allergy or side-effect.
Can I stop all other Medicines and take only Ganoderma?
Can I stop all other Medicines and take only Ganoderma?
No. Never. Ganoderma is NOT a replacement or substitute for Medicine. Ganoderma should be consumed along with the medications as a food supplement only. Medications should always be taken as per the advice of one's own Physician (Doctor). In actual experience, health improves due to the consumption of Ganoderma and therefore the dependence on medications comes down.
I am Healthy; why should I consume Ganoderma at all?
By consuming Ganoderma regularly, the Natural Immune System of the body gets regulated and becomes more effective. This prevents infections and toxin accumulation in the body. Though one appears healthy today, there are chances of being attacked by dormant diseases in the body, at a later date, when the natural immune system fails. Thus Ganoderma takes care of future problems as well. Ganoderma also balances the bio chemistry and stabilizes all functions of the body. This action protects general health and longevity. Therefore, Ganoderma is advised to a Healthy person as a PREVENTIVE system. A maintenance dosage of 1 - 2 pairs of RG/GL is recommended throughout life.
At what age, one can consume RG & GL?
Right from ‘Day 1’ of the new-born Baby. Start with GL and add RG after a few weeks.
Is the same Ganoderma recommended for all diseases?
Yes. In fact, it is the same body that produces all diseases and disorders. Gano treats and corrects the problems of the Body. Healthy Body, then, tackles the Diseases and Disorder. Body is the Best Doctor! Therefore, the Ganoderma is able to help in the case of ALL disease and disorders.
What are the Side-effects when we consume the Ganoderma?
No side effects have been experienced. However, there are the reflective responses by the body while removing the Toxins from the body. They remain only for a few days. These are quite safe and not to be misunderstood as side-effect.
How can I trust that this is a " Sarvaroga nivarani" ( Universal Elixir)?
Scientifically, Ganoderma does not handle diseases directly; Gano cures the Body and Body itself cures all diseases. Therefore, Ganoderma is effective in ALL diseases and disorders. Thousands of patients have been benefited all over the world. Ganoderma has been accepted as a powerful therapeutic supplement by the Scientists for over 200 years. People who consumed with faith are the people who are really benefited.