Cost of Sickness

The Cost of Sickness has gone to unmanageable proportions, today. More and more people are caught-up in the web of confusion and depression. It is not limited to the cost of medication alone. The ramifications are many: Cost of Medications, of Hospitalization, of travel to hospitals, personal downtime from work, that of the attendants / family members, […]

Need for Good Health

No Disease may not mean Good Health; But Good Health certainly means No Disease. The FOCUS should be on maintaining ‘good & serviceable health’ at all ages. Sans good health, medications may not help much! When you are Young, the Body takes care of you. After that, You have to take care of the Body.

Diseases & Disorders

Primarily, as we age – specifically after 25 years – ‘Body cells’ weaken, overall Energy & Efficiency suffer. Immune System also weakens and becomes vulnerable. Overall environment – water, air and Food – suffers from Pollution and toxicity Life-style related: Unhealthy habits & practices, wrong food, no exercise and lack of attention on health and […]